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Covid-19 Serology Test

An antibody/serology test to find out if you have developed antibodies to Covid-19 after vaccination or exposure

Home-based Covid-19 Total Antibody Test

Get peace of mind with a Total Antibody Test (also known as a Serology test), that will determine if you've developed Covid-19 antibodies after vaccination.

Administered by certified medical personnel, the test has high specificity and sensitivity to accurately identify SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, that will establish vaccine efficacy and assess your immune response to Covid-19.


Safe & Convenient

Do the Total Antibody Test in the comfort and safety of your home
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Results in 3 days

Receive a lab report on the results of your test

Doctor Consultation

Includes a video consult with our doctor on your results

Price: RM165 (includes a free doctor consultation)


See a doctor anytime on the Doctor Anywhere app, with medication delivered to your door.

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