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Telemedicine: Never Wait in a Clinic Queue Again

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

When you’re feeling unwell, it can be difficult to know what to do. Do you need medical attention urgently? How do you get to the clinic in your condition? And how serious is your condition? These are all common questions that many of us ask ourselves when feeling unwell.

It can be especially overwhelming when we have responsibilities to take care of on top of dealing with our physical discomfort. You may not have your car keys with you because you had to arrange for another family member to send your child to school or you would have to get stuck in traffic to reach the nearest clinic.

Whatever the inconvenience, with telemedicine you can say goodbye to getting to a physical clinic and speak to a doctor from the comfort of your own home instead. Let’s explore further why telemedicine makes such a difference.

Why is telemedicine important?

The world of healthcare is quickly evolving, and telemedicine is taking the lead. With the option of telemedicine, you can reduce the time spent traveling to and from a clinic, as well as reduce waiting times in the clinic. Additionally, you can gain quick and hassle-free access to GP and specialist opinions, avoid catching infectious diseases, and even monitor your health from the comfort of your own home.

Apart from this, with the rising cost of healthcare, people are turning to telemedicine as a viable option to get the medical care they need at a much lower cost. Telemedicine providers like Doctor Anywhere make it possible to consult with a medical doctor through video consultations at an affordable rate and get medications and medical certificates delivered to you in just a few clicks.

The Doctor Anywhere app offers an array of benefits and features that can make your life easier. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why you should download the Doctor Anywhere app and start enjoying its advantages today!

#1 Consult a doctor from your preferred location

With the Doctor Anywhere app, you can not only speak to a doctor from your preferred location, you are also able to check the location of the doctor's clinic before you book an appointment. This makes it easy for you to select a doctor based on the location closest to you, should you require a follow-up diagnosis or treatment at the clinic. Use this method to set follow-up consultations online if you're currently visiting any of our partner doctor clinics too! Get on to the app and follow these simple steps to select a GP by location.

Tip : If you're looking for a doctor in your state (ie. Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Johor, etc), click into the doctor's profile to view the Clinic Location.

#2 Electronic Medical Certificate (e-MC)

The digital age has brought about a revolutionary way of accessing medical advice and support, and with it comes the introduction of the electronic medical certificate (e-MC). This innovative option allows for registered doctors to issue medical certificates online, eliminating the need for paper MCs and providing a more convenient and sustainable solution for patients.

An electronic medical certificate (e-MC) is the online version of a paper medical certificate (MC) and can only be issued by a registered medical practitioner upon performing a face-to-face virtual consultation with a patient. The purpose of an e-MC is to certify that the patient suffers from a health condition that is severe enough to be excused from work, school, or other duties and it cannot be requested on behalf of anyone else. It is only issued after proper consultation with the patient, including history taking, physical examination, and investigations where necessary. There are instances where a doctor may not issue an e-MC because they do not feel that your medical condition requires it. The final decision to issue an e-MC lies in the hands of a licensed doctor.

Through the power of telemedicine, the process of obtaining medical certificates has become much simpler and more secure, allowing you to receive the necessary certification quickly and easily in-app. You no longer need to worry about misplacing paper MC or having to request a replacement.

It is actually very easy to access your e-MC on the Doctor Anywhere app, all it takes is a few clicks of a button. Here’s how you do it:

Plus there is an added advantage, should your company HR require a Medical certificate verification, it can be done via a Medical Certification Validation, in fact, if they insist that your e-MC had to be issued by a doctor in your location or a location close to where you live, our next point takes care of that too.

#3 Select your preferred language of communication

We live in a country where we are not just racially but also linguistically diverse. Effective communication is a marker of healthcare quality and a shared language between patients and doctors makes it possible for accurate information about a patient's symptoms to be gathered and then diagnosed. For example, if the patient is more comfortable conversing in Cantonese and the doctor selected spoke the same dialect, this makes explaining treatment options and ensuring understanding of the diagnosis as well as making joint decisions much easier for both parties.

With mental wellness, patients often open up about their human experiences that have had a huge impact on their life and memories, which is why language is such an important tool in building trust between patients and doctors. Using the right words and language, allows a patient to feel empowered and safe because communication is clear and understandable.

In the Doctor Anywhere app, it is possible to search for your preferred GP and then select one who is able to communicate in a language you are most familiar with. With this convenient feature, you can easily find a GP who meets your needs. Here’s how you do it:

#4 Medication delivery in 1 hour

When you sign-up for the Doctor Anywhere app, say goodbye to traffic jams, long queues at the clinic or hospital, driving in circles in search of parking spots, or unreliable medication delivery times. Convenience is only a few clicks away for patients to receive health advice from both GPs and specialists from the comfort of their homes.

Doctor Anywhere has improved their medication delivery time to bring users fast and secure medication delivery to their doorstep in 1-hour from all major cities in Malaysia, for free. Doctor Anywhere is committed to providing you with fast delivery service along with safety for your package.

#5 Go cashless

Another benefit of the app is it allows you to choose from different payment options for your convenience. The most convenient are cashless payments, which are available for all Great Eastern (GE) and CIGNA insurance holders. This option makes it possible for you to link your insurance provider to the app and receive the full service without having to pay for it, as insurance claims are managed directly by your insurance provider.

For users who are using other insurance providers or third-party administrators (TPA), you may have to pay first and claim later, depending on your company plan. If your company has a corporate program with Doctor Anywhere or is under an insurer that partners with Doctor Anywhere, do tag the relevant company in your account to enjoy your benefits.

And finally, for those without medical insurance coverage, you could still enjoy quality healthcare from the comfort of your home. Consultations with a doctor on the Doctor Anywhere app are very affordable and medication is delivered to your doorstep for free. Payments via debit or credit card are acceptable.

Healthcare is now made simpler, seamless, and convenient. We give you easy access to and greater control over your personal health so you can better manage your busy lifestyles while achieving happier and healthier outcomes.

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