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Be In Charge of Your Health

Achieving your goals is easier when your body is in tip-top shape — and that means looking after your health. Our team of men’s health doctors are here to provide professional advice and support you on your journey.

Discreet Telehealth for Men

Your GP serves as your first point of contact for emergencies as well as preventive care for men, including;

  • Consultation for hair loss, weight, erectile dysfunction alcohol addiction or depression

  • Referral for tests related to diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure

  • Consultation for screening related to heart, liver, male cancers, bone health or STD’s

Men's Health GP


per video consult

Get medical advice, treatment, specialist referrals, medication delivery and ongoing support for your health and wellness

Health Screening

Premium tests starting from


Comprehensive health checks for men which includes Blood & Urine Examination, ECG, Ultrasound for Abdomen & Pelvis, Deititian, etc.

Men's Health GP

Mental Wellness

Online Counselling


Speak to a mental health counselor discreetly from the comfort of home.

Erectile Dysfunction

GP Consultation

RM 22

Consult a GP for support and treatment options for erectile dysfunction; get your medication within hours.

Medication delivered to your doorstep, in 1 hour*


Affordable access to quality healthcare, just for you

Download or launch the Doctor Anywhere app on your phone

Connect with a GP on-demand or book an appointment for a consultation

Receive your medication

(FREE delivery, in 1 hour)



Speak to a doctor Post-partum conditions & Child Health

  • Paternal postnatal depression

  • Weight management

  • Managing BP

  • Nursing & Child Health

#GetDAFacts: Men's Health

Getting started on your health begins with empowering yourself with knowledge. Get all the facts you need so that you can stay healthy and well.

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Men's Health Facts
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