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Prioritise your mental health and wellbeing

Get mental wellness support from our experts in your preferred language, including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Teo Chew. 

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Fully private and confidential online
consultations at your convenience

With Doctor Anywhere, you can book a counsellor or clinical psychologist appointment with some of the leading therapists in Malaysia.

No waitlist to
see a doctor
encrypted calls
Choice of mental
health therapy
Speak with a Counsellor
Speak with a Clinical Psychologist

Breathe, and focus on
feeling better.

Did you know that more than 50% of people experience mental health issues over their lifetime? And many often find professional support – whether it's talk therapy or medication – useful on their recovery journey.

WATCH: Mindful Moments for Mental Wellness

Early intervention helps. Handling mental health challenges on a daily basis can be stressful.
The earlier you can diagnose and seek treatment, the faster you can get help to manage or recover.

Get the mental health support you need

Speak with a counsellor/
clinical psychologist today

Get professional guidance from our team of certified counsellors and psychologists with a wide range of clinical experience, in issues including:

  • Insomnia, trauma, eating disorders


  • Depression and anxiety


  • Youth and adolescent issues

  • Relationship issues and couple counselling

  • Workplace politics and career counselling

  • Corporate coaching


Venugadevi Muruges

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Dr_ Ashraff Ahmad.png

Farhah Afifah

Ashraff Ahmad

​and many other leading counsellors and psychologists



/ 1 hour video consult


3 easy steps to book a consultation
with Doctor Anywhere


Download the
Doctor Anywhere app​


Choose the mental health expert you wish to consult


Select the appointment
date and time

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FWD Mind Strength Programme

Access Sponsored Consultation and

Mental Health Support

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