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A high standard of excellence in everything we do.


Our Mission

We believe in using technology and innovation to transform the way people access healthcare, and provide a seamless integration of the online and offline healthcare experience.

Our Services

DA Values


Innovation is at the core of what we do and why we exist.

  • We challenge the status quo and pursue initiatives and opportunities relentlessly with speed.

  • We embrace change and use technology to innovate and champion positive changes in our industry like never before.

  • We are not afraid to admit failure, cut losses and pivot when we learn that something isn’t working.



Our customers and patients are our number 1 priority.

  • We obsess over meeting their needs through innovation, technology and extraordinary service.

  • We work hard to earn their trust by serving them with care, kindness and heart.

  • We act as DA’s brand ambassadors to our customers and patients, no matter what role and level we are in the company.


We think and act positively and inspire others with our optimism.

  • We do great things by caring intensely about our work
    and contributions to team members around us.

  • We have fun, take pride in team achievements and celebrate big and small wins.



We focus on becoming good to great and accomplishing more with less.

  • We exceed our own expectations and motivate ourselves with stretch goals.

  • We hold ourselves accountable to delivering important work and we never settle for mediocrity.

  • We make the most impact on ourselves, our teams and DA by staying solution-focused, resourceful and tenacious in overcoming challenges.


We do things right and do the right thing, knowing that the whole world is watching our actions.

  • We are not afraid to question actions inconsistent with our values.

  • We take ownership of our actions and decisions and we hold ourselves accountable to them.

  • We always act on behalf of the entire company and seek what is best for DA, rather than our own individual interests.



We believe in being authentic and honest with one another, even if it makes us uncomfortable

  • We communicate openly by discussing the good and the bad, and we encourage others to voice their ideas and opinions by listening attentively.

  • We assume good intent even when we disagree, knowing that sharing our differences can only make our working relationships more productive.

  • We give and receive meaningful and constructive feedback with a positive attitude instead of blaming or making excuses.


We are committed to building a culture where everyone feels included and valued at work.

  • We collaborate through appreciating the diverse experiences, background and perspective of every individual.

  • We frame our ideas and points of view inclusively, not combatively.


The best ideas win, not hierarchy

No red tape and complex reporting lines. Our people are free to explore fresh new ideas, and work together harmoniously without prejudice or politics.


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