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Employee Medical  
Benefits Packages

Protect your team today! 


Exclusive Employee Benefit Packages

We offer comprehensive employee benefit solutions that cover both outpatients and employee wellness.

All packages are customizable to suit your company's requirements*

Enjoy a special rate of RM 15 per consultation when you sign up for the packages below: 



Package Highlights:

  • 1x wellness workshop (1 hour)

  • 1x organisational mental health assessment (LAYLA)

  • 1x engagement activity



Package Highlights:

  • 2x wellness workshop (1 hour)

  • 1x organisational mental health assessment (LAYLA)

  • 2x engagement activities



Package Highlights:

  • 2x wellness workshop (1 hour) & 10 mins massage for employees (on-site)* 

  • 1x organisational mental health assessment (LAYLA)

  • 2x engagement activities


* Available for up to 120 employees

*terms & conditions apply

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employee medical benefits!

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Simplify your outpatient experience with DA Virtual Clinic

Consult a doctor and receive your medication all with a click of a button on the Doctor Anywhere App

Bring the convenience of telehealth to your team and make the outpatient care experience more accessible and relaxing 

Cashless Service for a corporate virtual consult

Special rates and customizable add-ons are available

Flexible and convenient for SMEs and startups


Why Choose Us?

Our employee benefits solutions optimize the healthcare process to ensure employees get the best wellness experience


Convenience for employees
and employers

Brings you the convenience of telehealth and managing your invoices through our app


Cost Containment and Savings

Virtual Consultation saves up to 50% of the cost of outpatient consultation and medication.


Flexible and customizable

Plan your corporate wellness programs to suit your organization’s needs

* Terms and conditions :


  1. The special rate of RM15 per consultation is applicable for the first three months only. After the promotional period, standard consultation rates will apply.

  2. Unused services within the package after the validity period will not be refunded or carried forward.

  3. Packages are valid for a year upon sign-up.

  4. The on-site massage service is available for up to 120 employees. Additional charges may apply for exceeding the specified employee limit.

  5. Full payment for packages is required upon sign-up.

  6. Virtual Clinic services are billed per consultation and payment is due at the time of service.

  7. The service provider reserves the right to modify or discontinue any aspect of the services with prior notice.

  8. Promotional period is only valid until 31 December 2024.

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