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See a Family Doctor Online

Get medical advice from Malaysia licensed doctor from the comfort of home.

Video Consult for RM22

Tele-Health for your Family

Various factors affect a family’s health. This includes dietary habits, stress levels, exercise, other lifestyle choices, and genetics. Our team of healthcare professionals are here to provide medical advice on common conditions, personalized health advice and guidance for managing chronic conditions faced by you or a loved one from the comfort of your home.

Women & Mummy Health

Common conditions, after birthcare such as skin and hair issues, sleep deprivation, vaginal & breast issues & PP stress


Men's Health GP


Men & Daddy

Common conditions,

managing BP, Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, Prostate/ testicular conditions, stress

Child Health

Common conditions such as

Cough, colds, fever, vomiting, teething, acne, etc.

Medication delivered to your doorstep, in 1 hour*


Receive your medication

(FREE delivery, in 1hour)

Download or launch the Doctor Anywhere app on your phone

Connect with a GP on-demand or book an appointment for a consultation

Affordable access to quality healthcare, just for you

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