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Take Charge Of Your Health

Ladies, it's important to priorities and understand your health needs, and take action to improve your wellbeing. Our team of doctors are here to support and provide you with professional advice throughout your health journey.

Telehealth for Women

Your GP is your first point of contact for non-emergency and preventive health care for women, including:

  • Menstrual issues, e.g. Painful periods, Abnormal uterine bleeding

  • Vaginal health, e.g. UTIs, Yeast infections

  • Family planning and contraceptives

  • Gynaecological cancer concerns, e.g. Cervical cancer

  • Menopausal health

Women's Health GP


per video consult

Get medical advice, treatment, specialist referrals, medication delivery and ongoing support for your health and wellness

Health Screening

Premium tests starting from


Comprehensive health checks for women which includes Blood & Urine Examination, ECG, Ultrasound for Abdomen & Pelvis, Deititian mammogram, etc.

Men's Health GP

Mental Wellness

Online Counselling


Speak to a mental health counselor discreetly from the comfort of home.

Birth Control

GP Consultation

RM 22

Consult a GP on which birth control method is suitable for you; get your medication within hours.

Medication delivered to your doorstep, in 1 hour*


Receive your medication

(FREE delivery, in 1hour)

Download or launch the Doctor Anywhere app on your phone

Connect with a GP on-demand or book an appointment for a consultation

Affordable access to quality healthcare, just for you


Women's Health Facts
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