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We've made it safe and simple to get birth control online

  • Birth Control and Emergency Contraception delivered in 1 hour

  • Video-consult a Doctor for personalised advice

Get qualified advice by licensed Doctors wherever you are in Malaysia

Get Birth Control in 3 Easy Steps


Affordable and convenient without compromising quality of care

#1: Download App

Download Doctor Anywhere app on your mobile phone 

#2: Sign up 

Register with your details in minutes - it's free to sign up 

Step 3: Video-call

Select 'Video Consultation' and purchase medication directly in-app

Safe and discreet birth control delivered in 1 hour
  • Free delivery across major cities in Malaysia - refer to our delivery coverage area

  • Personalised advice from licensed Doctor in minutes

  • Learn which birth control pills are for suitable for you and how to use them safely

Birth Control Pills

Commonly known as "the pill", oral contraceptives are the most common form of Hormonal Birth Control (HBC).

Morning-after Pill

Also known as the emergency contraception pill, it's designed for use 24 hours or up to 5 days after unprotected sex.

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