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DA Community Wellness Programme
(Bukit Gasing Healthcare)

Get healthcare and medical advice from the comfort of home. This program is part of the ADUN Bukit Gasing community health initiative.


Suitable Medical Conditions for


Many common illnesses and chronic conditions can be effectively treated through a video consultation. Below are some typical conditions that can be treated on Doctor Anywhere:

Common Conditions

• Fever

• Cough, sore throat or laryngitis

• Diarrhoea / Vomiting

• Flu / Cold

• Sinusitis

• Rash and skin conditions

• Cold sores

• Headache

• Giddiness / Dizziness

• Red eye

Chronic Conditions

• Diabetes

• Hypertension

• Hyperlipidemia

• Other secondary diseases

which may arise from the

chronic disease conditions

mentioned the above (e.g.

Ischemic Disease, Peripheral

Artery Disease etc.)

Consult a doctor online


per video consult

(B40 Resident : Consult a Doctor for RM5)

How to qualify and enjoy this benefit?

 B40 Program  : Submit proof of income & fill in the sign up form

 Other Eligible Residents  : If you do not see the RM15/ consultation rate, kindly fill in the sign up form

Once your details are verified, you will be added to the program within 7 working days & notified via email.

For more clarification, contact ADUN Bukit Gasing Office via email

Fill In the form!
Submit proof of inform (for B40)


Download Doctor Anywhere App & Sign Up

Please update your details under "My Info"

(IC Number, Nationality, Date of Birth) 

Once you receive the confirmation, check the rate! (RM15 / consult)


How to See a Doctor Online?


Select “Consult A GP”

See the next available GP (in 5 minutes) or search for a preferred GP

TIP : You can select a preferred GP nearby to Bukit Gasing too!

Speak to a DA partner doctor from a clinic close to you for

Ease in physical follow up consultation or treatment*

Ease in follow up consultation with a doctor via tele consult

Nearest partner clinic to Bukit Gasing area

Dr. Darshini A/P M.Chandrakanthan, General Practitioner

Kelinik Nasional: No 6, Jalan SS 3/35, Taman Universiti, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

*In Clinic Doctor Consultation Rate will be as per clinic's own rates. T&Cs Apply.

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