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What Your Doctor Wants You to Know: Meet Dr Wan Chee Hung

When we’re waiting for our turn at the clinic, our minds may turn towards wondering what our doctors are thinking about and what being a doctor is like. For Dr Wan Chee Hung, one of our lead doctors at Doctor Anywhere, it’s been a long journey indeed. Dr Wan has been practising medicine for more than two decades, with 16 years spent practising emergency medicine.

We find out from him what he’s always wanted to tell his patients, as well as tips on how you can stay healthier for longer.

Health is the biggest form of wealth.

“What worries me the most is seeing patients neglect their health in the pursuit of wealth,” Dr Wan shares. In today’s society where everyone is in pursuit of advancing their career, he has observed patients putting aside their health and even family to climb the corporate ladder. “I don’t want any of my patients to regret their decisions.”

“I’m also concerned about the stress levels that younger Malaysians are facing,” says Dr Wan. A 2019 study conducted by AIA Vitality found that half of the Malaysian workforce was stressed out and facing issues with sleep. This was especially pertinent amongst millennials. While workplaces are slowly adjusting their policies, learning effective stress management techniques can also help in maintaining one’s mental health.

“I hope to be able to lend my patients a listening ear and help them improve their lifestyles for the healthier.”

Keeping healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.

“The most important lifestyle changes you should adopt are to eat in moderation, exercise regularly, as well as go for a yearly medical check-up,” lists Dr Wan. Going for routine and regular screening is important because it helps us stay aware of our health status as well as to intervene early, should there be any troubling health conditions detected.

These little lifestyle changes can go a long way in ensuring that we may many healthy and happy years ahead with our loved ones.

There are also certain things that we can look out for that are warning signs of ill health. “These are red-flags that may mean you need to seek further medical help,” says Dr Wan. They are:

  • Increased lethargy, restlessness, insomnia

  • Experiencing an increase in anxiety or panic attacks

If you observe these signs within yourself, or in your loved ones, it’s best to speak to a doctor or a mental health expert. Getting help early can reduce the severity of your health condition and improve health outcomes.

Telehealth is a convenient and useful tool to support your healthcare needs.

“While technology cannot completely replace the human element of face-to-face communication, teleconsultation has benefits for patients as well,” says Dr Wan. There may be social cues that are not communicated as well over video, and it may take longer to build up the interpersonal relationship between doctor and patient.

However, teleconsultation is convenient, especially of those who are unable to leave their house for medical assistance. “Additionally, since there’s a pandemic going on now, teleconsultation is the best way to reach out the patients, while ensuring their safety.”

“With telehealth, you can reach out to your doctor anytime, anywhere, without leaving the comfort of your home.”

Helping a patient find back their health is a key motivator for doctors.

“When I was working in emergency medicine, I would give it my all to ensure that my patients had the best health outcomes, no matter the severity of their condition,” reminisces Dr Wan. While most of the cases he treats today are not as life threatening, he still carries the same spirit and care for his patients. “I get a sense of satisfaction when I’m able to help my patients find solutions to their health issues and ease their anxiety or worries.”

One way that patients can also help themselves is knowing the right questions to ask. “These are a few key things that I think patients should be asking during doctor consultations,” says Dr Wan. They are:

  • May I know what my exact diagnosis is?

  • What are the best treatment modalities available for my condition?

  • Do you have any advice on how I can prevent or slow the worsening of any pre-existing health condition I have?

  • What else can I do to improve my condition?

Concerned about your health? As Dr Wan says, seeing a doctor is now convenient with the advent of teleconsultation. See a doctor anytime you need over the DA app, with medication delivered to your doorstep. Our doctors, just like Dr Wan, are always ready to help!



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