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Covid-19 swab tests: What you need to know and where to get tested in Klang Valley

Whether for peace of mind, or due to work and travel requirements, testing for Covid-19 in Klang Valley is easier and more convenient than before. Here are some important things to know about RT-PCR and RTK Antigen testing before you go for your tests.

What is the difference between RT-PCR and RTK-Antigen test?

How is the nasal swab test done?

A nasal swab test will require you to tilt your head back, while a cotton swab will be twirled at the back of the nose through the nostril. This is required to collect a sample of the secretions for analysis. The doctor/ certified swabber will insert the swab into both nostrils, to ensure that enough samples are collected for testing.

What does the CT value on my RT-PCR mean?

Where can I get tested for Covid-19 in the Klang Valley?

You can now get tested in the convenience of your own home or opt for a contactless drive-thru at our designated clinic.

Get tested in 4 quick steps:

  1. Schedule your appointment here and make payment via credit or debit card.

  2. Doctor Anywhere’s Mobile Health team will then reach out to you to confirm your appointment.

  3. If you opt to have tested at home, Doctor Anywhere’s certified swabbers will go to where you are to conduct the screening with SOPs in place.

  4. Your test results will be sent via email.

How long will it take to receive the results of my swab test?

Turnaround time varies for different types of Covid-19 tests:

  • RT-PCR swab test - 24 hours

  • RT-PCR swab test express service - 6 to 8 hours

  • RTK-Antigen swab test - 1 hour

What happens if I test positive for Covid-19?

If your Covid-19 test comes back positive, you will be required to report it on MySejahtera along with daily self-monitoring through the Health Assessment Tool (HAT) also available on the application. If you’re experiencing mild Covid-19 symptoms, consult a licensed doctor directly from home via Doctor Anywhere and have medication delivered to your doorstep in 3 hours.

If you would like to do a Covid-19 swab test, DA offers both RT-PCR and RTK-Antigen testing, at our drive-thru clinic or book an at-home test.

For further enquiries, feel free to email or call +603-9078 477


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